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Ergonomics is a discipline that studies human activities and regularity. It consists of six branches: anthropometry, biomechanics, labor physiology, environmental physiology, engineering psychology, and time and work research. Ergonomic design is the key to the design of modern office space. Since H



Use Ergonomic Office Chair or Work Standing

Use Ergonomic Office Chair or Work Standing? Investing in an ergonomic office chair or just standing while working? Which way could promote a healthy working style and do less harm to our body? And which way could let our soft neck and waist to suffer less?



6 Chic Chairs Perfect for Your Office Room

The average office chair is uncomfortable and a bit of an eyesore and your in-home office deserves better than that. But, finding a chair that is aesthetically-pleasing with all the right features is harder than it looks — which is why we did the work for you. Before considering purchasing office furniture, take a look at the high quality and chic office chairs we choose for your office.



7 Ways to Recognize a Perfect Office Chair

Before purchasing office furniture, consumers usually pay much attention to the comfort. While bad-designed office chair can cause fatigue and have adverse effects, a good-designed one can be freely adjusted so as to achieve maximum comfort. Among different styles and numerous brands, how to choose a good office chair, what features need our special attention?



How to Choose a Perfect Office Chair

How to Choose a Perfect Office Chair, KABEL-TOP Grade Mesh Chair Supplier



5 Kinds of Office Chairs Used in Silicon Valley

It’s pretty difficult to find a certain kind of chair that would match our needs, since many ergonomic chairs are now available in the market. The important thing to remember is that you should choose a chair which fits your body, matches your office, and has a good quality. Today, we would analyse different office chairs magnates in silicon valley use and take a glimpse to the features of those office chairs.

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