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What furniture does your office definitely have to have and how do you choose the right styles for your space?



Summer safety – essential tips for working in the heat
We all love a bit of sunshine, but when you’re working all week, too much heat can be more of a nightmare than a summer’s dream.



What Office Chair Do I Need?
It’s easy to think it’s going to be simple to choose a new office chair. But, the right high-quality office chairs will make a huge difference to your working environment.Whether you’re needing an office chair for home, or looking for your business, with so much choice available, choosing the perfec



How to set up an office chair – Ensure maximum comfort in your seat
How to set up an office chair – Ensure maximum comfort in your seat



How clean is your chair?
For many of us, we spend our workdays sitting on the same office chair eight hours a day, five days a week. But how often is it that we consider the cleanliness of where we are sitting?



How to improve your posture when working
The way you work can have a dramatic effect on your posture, resulting in back pain and long-term issues. Improving your posture at work could make a huge difference.



6 Ways to Boost Your Productivity at the Office
There are thousands of productivity apps and tools on the market promising to help you increase your performance, but sometimes all it takes to improve your focus is a few quick changes to your work habits and your environment. Want to get more accomplished at the office? Here are 6 simple, low-tech tips for boosting your productivity at work.
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