The importance of ergonomic applications in the design of office environments

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The importance of ergonomic applications in the design of office environments

Ergonomics is a discipline that studies human activities and regularity. It consists of six branches: anthropometry, biomechanics, labor physiology, environmental physiology, engineering psychology, and time and work research. Ergonomic design is the key to the design of modern office space. Since Henry Dreyfus published “designing for people” in 1955, ergonomics has become more and more widely used in industrial design. Henry Dreyfus focuses on the natural structure of the human body, the degree of adaptation and sensitivity of various sensory organs, and pays attention to the convenience and comfort in the use of objects. Another engineer, Donald Norman, focuses on human psychological analysis and is about the final experience of the design of the product in use. He sensitively proposed the concept of user experience. He believed that the design of industrial design, visual communication, interactive interface and psychological interaction should be centered on the user experience.

In the ergonomic application of office furniture, it is more in line with Dreyfus's concept of focusing on human perception. The application of Donald Norman's psychological level requires us to gradually increase the proportion in the subsequent design process. It also points to the design direction for the premium of our high-end products.
Pathological basis of ergonomic applications
Common office diseases “repetitive application of injury” are usually caused by improper sitting posture, improper settings of office facilities, and so on. Long-term sitting office can cause poor circulation of blood vessels in the lower extremities, bending of the spine, squeezing the abdomen and lungs, causing poor breathing, coupled with breathing problems, resulting in insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, causing brain temperature rise , the speed of thinking slows down, the concentration is not concentrated.

Working in this state for a long time can lead to increased intraocular pressure, headache, shoulder and back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc. In addition, it may cause musculoskeletal problems. Therefore, reducing the time of sitting office, more office work such as standing, walking and assisting limb movement can effectively alleviate brain temperature rise, improve work efficiency, and ensure the health of the body.

Kabel Furniture incorporates an ergonomic design into the design of the office chair, which is versatile and comfortable.

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