Creating an office in your Bedroom

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You don’t need a separate room to create a home office – your bedroom can easily do the job if you follow our easy advice.

Whether you’re remote working for the first time, running your own business, or just want a dedicated workspace to handle your home admin, having a productive, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place to knuckle-down is essential.


Contrary to popular belief, your bedroom can be a fantastic place to create a home office, especially if you’re short on space, house sharing, or have a busy, active and noisy household. Setting up an office space in your bedroom could be the perfect option for you, and who hasn’t dreamed of being able to cut those frustratingly long commutes down to just a few steps?



 1. Space-efficiency

Making a bedroom office work for you comes down to choosing quality home office furniture that fits in your space and complements your room design. Ensure you’ve got enough space in your office to fit everything you need to work productively without it feeling too cluttered. In addition to desk space, you’ll need to think about storage for all your important paperwork.


Where you place furniture also makes a big difference. If you’re setting up in your own bedroom, you want to position it in a way that enables you to work effectively, without stopping you from using the space as a bedroom. You also want to ensure you are creating two spaces – one for work and one for relaxing – so you can easily shut off at the end of your workday.


2. The perfect desk

The desk is the centre of any bedroom office, and it’s important you invest in the right one. Choose one with enough space to fit all your computing equipment on, whilst still having enough left over to work (and move around your bedroom!).


Although you can use a wide range of different desks, including corner and panel end desks, depending on the shape and layout of your room, it’s best to go for something that’s been designed for home office use. Our Home Work range has been developed entirely with home office use in mind, and includes cantilever and goal post desks in a variety of different styles and colours, with something to suit every colour scheme and requirement. You might also want to check out our ergonomic desks for an added wellbeing boost!



3. An ergonomic chair

A comfortable, adjustable chair is essential if you’re going to be working in your bedroom office for extended periods of time. An ergonomic office chair will provide the support you need to minimise the risk of backache and injury, and somewhere other than your bed to sit and work is sure to boost your productivity. A great comfy chair is also always handy to have in the bedroom for prime comfort when getting ready!


4. Storage

You’ll probably need some storage space too, so it’s a good idea to factor this in. Depending on the nature of your work, you’ll need some extra space for your computing equipment, a business phone and a printer. A good internet connection (check your Wifi range) is essential!


All in one desk and office storage solutions provide a space-efficient way to kit out your home office, making them ideal for adding to your bedroom. At Bluespot Furniture, our Home Work range includes a variety of desks with integrated drawers, cupboards and shelving, with compact, space-saving designs to suit even the smallest of spaces, and fit sleekly alongside the rest of your bedroom furniture.



5. Lighting

If possible, position your office in a place that benefits from natural light. This will make your home office a nicer place to work and reduce the risk of eye strain. When positioning your desk, ensure the sun isn’t glaring directly on your screen.


You also need to consider other light sources in the room. It’s handy to invest in a decent desk lamp in case you find yourself working early in the morning or late at night – and maybe some fairy lights for that added touch of style!



6. Aesthetics

You want your bedroom office to be a pleasant place to work – and the right accessories and decorative touches can make a real difference to the feel of the space. One must-have rule for the ideal bedroom office is to always aim for an uncluttered working area. Spending a quick five minutes decluttering your desk every morning can help create a happier and healthier mind and can aid you in maintaining a great work ethic.

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