7 Ways to Recognize a Perfect Office Chair

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7 Ways to Recognize a Perfect Office Chair

Before purchasing office furniture, consumers usually pay much attention to the comfort. While bad-designed office chair can cause fatigue and have adverse effects, a good-designed one can be freely adjusted so as to achieve maximum comfort. Among different styles and numerous brands, how to choose a good office chair, what features need our special attention?

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1, The height of seat back. You may choose to low armrest and low back chair, which would take good care of your waist; if you prefer to focus on the back of the chair, and therefore rely on, you may wish to choose a high back office chair back on it, this time also can look at the height of the backrest is in the vicinity of the neck. Sometimes the chair backrest height in the vicinity of the neck, but will allow users habitually neck on a 90-degree angle of the backrest, this way but likely to cause neck injury.

2, The height of legs. This user's feet long and off, of course, in addition to the class bar chairs high chairs, in general, the height of the chair seat surface are not too exaggerated, but if the unit does have a diminutive person should be considered.

3, Armrest height. When seated, if it is used to put down the hands of the people, why not choose a lower or no armrests armrest office chair; but if you prefer to shrink the whole person in the chair in the middle, then high handrail, deep seat chair, probably the best choice.

4, The stability of the chair. Note that the structural details of the treatment chair, you know that the stability of the chair. In particular, this is a single chair to chair legs as the main support of a chair, but should pay attention to structural problems, such as cards, screws and other joints checks are very important. When the proposed purchase of the user personally try to sit, and a slight jolt the body, to appreciate the stability of the chair.

5, The slope of the chair. Although the impression office chair cushion and backrest seems to be at right, but in fact most of them are a little backwards, secure in the whole person sitting on the chair. Performance more casual office chair, tilt more people sitting on top just like lying on a chair.

6, Depth (Indentation). For formal occasions, people tend to sit straightforwardly. And if at home, people will be more relaxed. These postures are of great difference. Therefore, the purchaser should first sit down, try to feel the chair while sitting in, considering  whether it will be able to meet the office needs.

7, The softness. Note cushion and backrest is comfortable softness. If no additional cushion, scapegoat office chair, lookingdirectly at the hardness of the material itself. Additional attention will have to use part of the internal filling of the mass, and try to go after riding feeling.


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