Why you need an ergonomic office chair

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You may be familiar with the term ergonomic. I’m sure you’ve heard of it in relation to office furniture. I bet you’ve had an ergonomic keyboard, mouse or even piece of furniture. If you’ve never had an ergonomic office chair, you may wonder why you would need one. You may be questioning whether an ergonomic office chair can truly make a difference to your working day. Well this article will show you that it can. An ergonomic office chair is one of the best ways to conquer posture and back pain, to enhance your productivity and to take autonomy over your work environment to improve your overall wellbeing. Sound good? We’re only just getting started.

Maybe you’re coworkers have started to orient to ergonomic office chairs, maybe you’ve seen ergonomic office chairs littered about the office. Maybe you’ve even seen advertisements or even read articles on ergonomic chairs. Maybe you weren’t initially convinced of the appeal, sceptical of the new trend for ergonomics. Well until you’ve tried one, it can be hard to see what all the fuss is about.


Many of us have spent many years sitting in a regular office chair — office chairs with simple padding, which swivel around to help you move around your space. Maybe you thought they were okay. Many of us have grown used to poor posture, back pain and general discomfort which has accumulated over the years, we accept it a as fact of working life. These pains are not just an occupational hazard, they’re a result of poor design, a neglect for accommodating for the needs of the body when sitting for long periods of time. We can do better. In fact, we have done better. Kabel has designed a fully adjustable ergonomic office chair: 


Fully adjustable means being able to adjust the ergonomic office chair at every axis. You can adjust the angle and position of the chair back. You can adjust the position of the chair seat, the height of your chair. You can even adjust the height of your arm rests, head rests and your tailored lumbar support. What this means, is that the chair is not just designed to support the body, it’s designed to be tailored by you to the specific needs of your body. Not everybody is the same height, has the same length of legs, torso, neck or the same position of the curve of their back. That’s why, having a truly ergonomic office chair means having a fully adjustable ergonomic office chair. In this regard we really thought of everything.

Of course, adjusting your ergonomic office chair isn’t just about adjusting it for to your body in one specific seated position. A fully adjustable ergonomic office chair can adjust with your body as your mood and workstyle changes throughout the day. Nobody benefits or even naturally wants to sit in one specific position for eight hours a day in consecutive days. Our mind and our body fluctuates in what it needs according to our state of mind, mood, emotions and level of engagement and concentration. Now your ergonomic office chair can support you to the specificities of each mind, mood and emotion.

When we arrive at work, fresh from a long night’s sleep and a relaxing evening before that, we are full of energy, concentration and focus. At this point in the day, we tend to prefer sitting up right, maybe even on the edge of our seats (as the saying goes). As such, in the morning, when you get to work, you can bring the seat of your ergonomic office chair closer to the chair back whilst keeping some weight distributed through your legs and arrange the headrest to support your head. It’s important to remember that even at the most energetic moments in the day, when our backs are straight and postures in tact, we can still benefit from support. Without it, within a matter of hours we can fall into a slump and find ourselves reeling with aches and pains all afternoon. With our fully adjustable ergonomic office chair you can support every area of your body to distribute your bodies weight in a healthy manner for longer lasting posture and productivity.


At the other end of the spectrum, when it gets to the end of the day we often no longer feel the sense of eagerness and energy that keeps our posture in tact. At this point in the day, we often work better in a more relaxed position, allowing our body and mind to work at a slower and more reflective pace. Towards the end of the day, with our fully adjustable ergonomic office chair, you can push the seat of the chair forward to create more space from your back, push the back of the chair into a more reclined position. With our ergonomic office chair, relaxing, no longer means slouching, you can relax whilst being fully supported from your lower back all the way to your neck and head.

Of course, you can always take the recline of your ergonomic office chair even further and slip back into a reclined resting position. You probably didn’t think you could find a way to truly relax while at your office desk — well now you can. This is a good way to take a long break from your laptop or to take a break from work altogether and put your hard working limbs to rest. The more capabilities you can get from your ergonomic office chair and the more you make use of it the more autonomy you will feel over your working day in general and the more in control of your working life. Autonomy has been shown to improve wellbeing health at the office, as such, just having these capabilities as options can do wonders to your overall wellness.

So maybe you’re starting to see the virtues of our ergonomic office chair, yet there one important reason why it can help your health and productivity as you work. In recent years there has been a lot of discussion around the problematics of sitting all day at the office. Like the ergonomic office chair, you may have seen or heard of the standing desk or even know friend and colleagues who have made the switch. That is, some people have decided to transition to a sit to stand desk which allows them to stand for long portions of the day. Unfortunately, sitting for long periods, or ‘sedentary working’ as it is often referred to, is good for neither our mental of physical health. If we are sitting at the office it is very important to be aware of our bodies and our posture and stay mobile by adjusting our positions as we work. If, whilst sitting, we can learn to be aware of the needs of our body, by moving regularly, taking breaks to do stretches and exercises or even engaging in active sitting, we can start to curtal the health risks associated with sitting at the office. We’re confident ergonomic office chairs offer the best way to take a step forward.

So, why do you need an ergonomic office chair? Because you deserve better, Because an ergonomic office chair offers tailored support, adjustable to every position, corrects your posture and curtails some health risks of sedentary working. Because having the power to change your work environment, even with a simple ergonomic office chair contributes to greater autonomy and wellbeing in your workplace.

Ergonomic means ‘relating to or designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment.’ Today whole workspaces are being restructured and reimagined in the name of comfort and efficiency for the individual. Comfort and efficiency lead to greater productivity and overall wellbeing. The more we can create comfortable and efficient workspaces which respond the our individual needs, the better our working days will be. That means more ergonomic office chairs, moses, keyboards, desks and whatever else.

To strive for these, more comfortable and efficient workspaces we have to start with the basics. What are the basics of the office? Our desks and our chairs. So we think it’s time to re-think our office chairs, to throw out our old simply cushioned swivel chairs and believe in the need for something more. We’re confident that you will feel the difference. If you want to try your ergonomic office chair before you buy you can visit our showrooms, where our staffs will talk you through all the benefits of our ergonomic office chairs in person. 

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