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To track to the evolution of the office chair is to also take a glimpse at how our lives have changed over the centuries. As our society became less agrarian and started the climb towards the Industrial Revolution, businesses had to rethink the work environment and develop new tools to aid employees. The office chair was created in order to solve the fundamental problem of accommodating employees working long hours in an office. Today, the modern office worker spends 40+ hours toiling away and much of that time is spent in a chair, making the search for the right combination of form and function more important than ever before.



5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Office Chairs

For those who spend all day long in an office chair, it’s one of the most important issues as struggling to make themselves comfortable. However, most of them still complain a lot after coming home, with pain in the back, neck, even the whole body. And the truth is, the majority of white collars is ignorant about the chair they use.



6 Chic Chairs Perfect for Your Office Room

The average office chair is uncomfortable and a bit of an eyesore and your in-home office deserves better than that. But, finding a chair that is aesthetically-pleasing with all the right features is harder than it looks — which is why we did the work for you. Before considering purchasing office furniture, take a look at the high quality and chic office chairs we choose for your office.



5 Kinds of Office Chairs Used in Silicon Valley

It’s pretty difficult to find a certain kind of chair that would match our needs, since many ergonomic chairs are now available in the market. The important thing to remember is that you should choose a chair which fits your body, matches your office, and has a good quality. Today, we would analyse different office chairs magnates in silicon valley use and take a glimpse to the features of those office chairs.

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