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The development of chair design Chairs were in existence since at least the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt. They were covered with cloth or leather, were made of carved wood, and were much lower than today’s chairs – chair seats were sometimes only 25 cm high. In ancient Egypt chairs appear to have



Five classic chair designs (Part four)

Five classic chair designs
1.Shell chair
2. Red and blue chair
3.Zig zag chair
4.Thonet chair,No.14
5.5.Chair one



Five classic chair designs (Part three)

Five classic chair designs
1.Panton chair
2.Cone chair
3.Diamond chair
4.TOLIX chair
5.The chair



Five classic chair designs (Part one)

Five classic chair designs
1.Eames chair
2.Wassily chair
3.Womb chair
4.Tulip side chair
5.Barcelona chair

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