Five classic chair designs (Part one)

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Five classic chair designs (Part one)

Five classic chair designs (Part one)

Someone once asked a home designer, if you can only change a piece of the room, it will make the overall atmosphere of the room different. What should I choose? The designer's answer is the chair.

What kind of chair is said to be a good design? Here are a few of the more classic chairs in history.


1.Eames chair,1950


The Eames chair is a classic dining chair designed by the American Eames in 1956. The seat was once included in the world's best product design forest. It has become a permanent collection of MOMA which is the most important modern art museum in the United States.

The comfortable seat shell design is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic and is complemented by a variety of different feet to increase the variety of use.It is worth mentioning that the innovative technology and materials of Eames Plastic Chair make it the world's first single chair that is mass-produced.


emaes chairs

2. Wassily chair,1925

Designer:Marcel Lajos Breuer

Wasilly chair was designed by design master Marcel Lajos Breuer (1902-1981) in Bauhaus as an apprentice in 1925.This chair is the world's first steel-steel chair and is to commemorate his teacher Vasily Kandinsky.therefore it is named "Wassily chair".

Its design is inspired by the bicycle handle. It is a classic in the history of modern design. The use of new materials and new techniques and the breakthrough of structural modeling not only represent Bauhaus's pursuit of functional practicability and the style of modern minimalist form, but also It reflects Bauhaus's focus on providing economically convenient products to the public.


Wassily chair chairs

3. Womb chair,1946

Designer:Eero saarinen

When the womb chair was first launched, it was a challenge to the traditional concept of furniture. It gives a very big impact on the visual. The chair is wrapped in soft cashmere. Sitting on it has a feeling of being gently embraced by a chair and the  chair provides a comprehensive sense of comfort and security which is like in the mother's womb.

It is designed by the famous American architect and industrial design Erro Sharinin.His furniture design is highly artistic and a strong sense of the times and his furniture has undergone rigorous physical, mechanical and ergonomic experiments.

Womb chair


4. Tulip side chair,1956

Designer:Eero saarinen

The tulip chair is also a very classic piece of Eero Saarinen. It is designed in 1956 and is made of plastic and aluminum. It is supported by a large, flat circular base. The bottom line is streamlined and the whole body is very elegant and comfortable.Eero Saarinen tried to make the chair legs more compact by the design of this chair and got rid of the structure of the four support legs of the traditional chair.People   have more space for activities when sitting on the chair.

At the same time, Eero Saarinen also noticed the beautiful design, the Tulip side chair is shaped like a romantic tulip and it seems to be an elegant wine glass.


Tulip side chair

5. Barcelona chair,1929

Designer:Mies van der Rohe

The Barcelona chair was the classic of the designer Mies van der Rohe at the 1929 Barcelona World's Fair which was designed to welcome the King and Queen of Spain.

It is supported by a curved stainless steel frame that supports the leather pad, which is very beautiful and functional. Two rectangular leather pads form the sitting surface  and the backrest.

The chair was hand-ground, and it was beautiful in appearance and functional. The design of the Barcelona chair caused a sensation at the time and its status was similar to the current concept product. Today, the Barcelona chair has developed into a creative style.

Barcelona chair

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