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Furnishing a conference room is about more than color scheme and design style; it’s also about comfort and durability. Essentially, the best conference room chairs feel as good as they look. when your colleagues, clients and employees sit down in your meeting room, you want them to be able to focus,



Father's day

At Father's day,KABEL arranged to see a movie in a private room for all male staffs,they are very happy!!!



Dragon Boat Festival

KABEL Dragon Boat Festival gifts, traditional gifts dumplings, staffs are very happy



What determine the Price of Office Chair? Material and Function of Office Chairs?

The office chair is an important part of the urban environment facilities, and it is a sit-in facility that provides the rest in the urban outdoor environment to alleviate fatigue and provide rest. There are a wide variety of office chairs available on the market. Their price level is different. In



The Composition of Office Chair

1.Castors: normal castor、PU castor(Soft material, suitable for wood floors, and computer rooms)。2.Base: The thickness of the iron frame directly affects the service life of the chair. Surface treatment: spray paint, paint (surface gloss, not easy to paint), electroplating (wood frame can not be elec

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