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There are many benefits to having a good office chair in addition to having less back strain. A good, supportive office chair prevents fatigue and discomfort that can come from siting in the same chair for hours on end.Studies have shown that comfortable employees are more productive and contribute to a more positive work environment than uncomfortable employees. Finally, having the correct, comfortable office chair reduces the number of breaks the employee will need to take due to being uncomfortable.Let’s follow the 5tips to pick the best chair for your office.




Designed by Arn Jacobsen for the restaurant of Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk and produced by Danish furniture design company Fritz Hansen. To everyone's surprise, Ant Chair not only caused great shock in the industry, but also pushed Fritz Hansen's brand image to the peak. This ant chai



The development trend of chair design

The development of chair design Chairs were in existence since at least the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt. They were covered with cloth or leather, were made of carved wood, and were much lower than today’s chairs – chair seats were sometimes only 25 cm high. In ancient Egypt chairs appear to have



Five classic chair designs (Part three)

Five classic chair designs
1.Panton chair
2.Cone chair
3.Diamond chair
4.TOLIX chair
5.The chair



Five classic chair designs (Part two)

Five classic chair designs (Part two)This article will introduce four chairs designed by Arne Jacobsen and the Louis Ghost Chair by Phillippe Starck.1. Egg chair 1858Designer:Arne JacobsenThe egg chair is designed by Arne Jacobsen for the lobby and reception area of the Royal Copenhagen Hotel.The pl



Five classic chair designs (Part one)

Five classic chair designs
1.Eames chair
2.Wassily chair
3.Womb chair
4.Tulip side chair
5.Barcelona chair



The History of Office Chair

To track to the evolution of the office chair is to also take a glimpse at how our lives have changed over the centuries. As our society became less agrarian and started the climb towards the Industrial Revolution, businesses had to rethink the work environment and develop new tools to aid employees. The office chair was created in order to solve the fundamental problem of accommodating employees working long hours in an office. Today, the modern office worker spends 40+ hours toiling away and much of that time is spent in a chair, making the search for the right combination of form and function more important than ever before.

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