The importance of an organized office

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The importance of an organized office

By Bluespot Furniture Online


It sounds like an obvious statement to say that being organized in the office helps your business. Being unorganized can actually have a negative effect on your work life and productivity. You may do your job properly and complete everything as expected being unorganized, which is great, but think about how much better it could be if you have great organizational skills too.


Organizing your office is important to maximise your efficiency. By having everything in its own place you’ll know where to find it when you need it. It may seem daunting to organize your office, but once it is done you can keep up to it.



How to organize your office in 4 simple steps

Organizing your office may be a difficult task for some, so today we are giving you 4 simple steps to get you started:


1. Sort your papers – It is easy to let a mountain of paperwork pile up on your desk, but this can cause you to stress when it comes to finding something you need quickly. Think about getting a mobile under desk pedestal, or a filing cabinet if you have lots of documents to file. Then get in the habit of tidying up – once you’re finished with your paperwork, file it, shred it or throw it away. This way your desk isn’t hoarding a large amount of paperwork every day.

2. Remove anything that you don’t need from your desk – It’s not just about the paperwork. Don’t have your desk cluttered up with pens, pencils and rubbers. Get a pencil case to put all your stationary in or sort them into plastic organizers that sit on your desk or inside a drawer.  Do you have brochures, or notepads laying around? Maybe there’s a few ‘work in progress’ documents that you haven’t touched for a week?  Get them out of the way and keep your space as clear as possible.

3. Reorganize your drawers – Make sure the top drawer of your desk is filled with the objects you use the most – this makes them quick to access. However, if you do not have a desk with drawers this would be a good investment to help improve your organization.  Have a good idea as to what you keep in all the other drawers too, that way you can find things when you need them.  Throw out old paperwork (or magazines!) you don’t need too.

4. Start a Clean Desk Policy – Tidy up after each day – Before you’re ready to leave the office, make sure you do a quick tidy up. At the end of each day take a bit of time to straighten up your workspace: file paper back in the correct place; putting stationary away and even giving your desk and keyboard a quick dust once in a while! Taking a couple of minutes to reorganize your desk ensures that it will be more pleasant to return to.


Does being organized improve your work?

Often an unorganized workload and surrounding caused work-related stress. Work-related stress is the negative reaction that occurs when demands at work exceed your ability to cope. It can be caused by having poor working conditions.


Being organized in your workplace will considerably lower stress levels and improve your workflow during the day. A tidy and neat desk will enhance your performance in the office and will impress your boss!


Benefits of having an organized office

An organized office could have multiple benefits for not only you but also the business. Organized employees are more productive, make better impressions on employers and receive more promotions than those who have inefficient work habits. Having organizational skills means being more time-efficient as you will no longer lose time searching for lost files, documents or fishing through old emails to track down missing information.


One of the main benefits of having an organized office is it will decrease your stress levels, there will be no more worrying about where you placed that important insurance document or customer quote. Organization in the office can actually be fun for some people and help you de-stress that way too.


Another business benefit is that having a tidy office can give a good impression to people who visit the office for example customers, or even future employees. Office storage units are a great way to impress others visiting the office. The office will have a professional working environment.

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