The advantages and disadvantages of regular office furniture and custom office furniture

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The advantages and disadvantages of regular office furniture and custom office furniture

The advantages and disadvantages of regular office furniture and custom office furniture

Many companies choose regular office furniture instead of custom office furniture under normal circumstances, because custom office furniture is relatively cumbersome in purchasing and have long-term construction and high cost.Many companies have space constraints,so these companies will choose custom office furniture.What are the advantages and disadvantages of ordinary office furniture and custom office furniture?

The advantages of ordinary office furniture

1.The production of regular office furniture is relatively complete.The structure,size and style is relatively reasonable.

2.the style of regular office furniture is relatively rich and are suitable for most users.

3.Conventional office furniture has formed a fixed production line and the quantity of goods is more sufficient and the production is faster.


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The disadvantages of ordinary office furniture

1.It is a relatively popular product compared with conventional office furniture. It is not necessarily suitable for each enterprise decoration and space needs.

2.Nowadays, many small office buildings have strict requirements on the size of office furniture. A certain number of working spaces are arranged in a limited space, which is impossible for conventional office furniture.

3.Conventional office furniture cannot be adjusted to work habits and industry characteristics.

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The advantages of custom office furniture

1.Custom office furniture will generally have a special staff to come to measure the office space.The size of office furniture can be adjusted according to the company's office space to make full use of the space and make planning.

2.Customized office furniture can define your colors and materials.

3.Customized office furniture can be matched, adjusted and designed according to the characteristics of industry, office habits and groups.customized office furniture can give full play to the functionality of office furniture and show the unique corporate culture.

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The disadvantages of custom office furniture

1.Customized office furniture is highly personalized and cannot be mass produced. The customization cycle is relatively long and the production time is relatively long.

2.Custom office furniture is more personalized custom supplies.The structure, stability and other functions of the mature than conventional office furniture.Its structure, stability and other functional maturity are slightly worse than regular furniture.

3.Customized office furniture consumes a lot of manpower and material resources and the production cost is relatively high, which means that the price will be much higher



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