The 3 Most Popular Ergonomic Office Equipment

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The 3 Most Popular Ergonomic Office Equipment

Attention, workaholics: You may think you're being productive, hunched over a desk for over eight hours every day, but that poor posturing could cause you to suffer some serious health problems in the long run. Little improvements to your work space can help dramatically reduce the daily strain on your back, neck, and wrists — here are 3 ergonomic office accessories to bring you closer to a stress-free workday.


Sit to Stand Desks

As mentioned, office workers tend to spend a lot of time sitting throughout the day. This has actually become a very major health concern with some people even calling sitting the new smoking.

In fact, researchers suggest that office workers should spend 50% of their time standing and only 50% of their time sitting. Unfortunately, that’s just not feasible in most traditional workstations.

This is why the sit/stand desk is so important for office ergonomics. These desks allow employees to seamlessly move from sitting to standing without interrupting workflow or disturbing the people around them.

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Ergonomics Chair

How well a chair fits you is a critical factor when selecting a chair. In addition to advice on how to get the right size chair, most ergonomic chairs are available with many options that impact comfort. This ergonomic guide offers advice on which features work best for different bodies and uses.


Keyboard and mouse

You have a perfectly good desk right in front of you so it only makes sense to use it for your keyboard and mouse, right?

The truth is that many desks are too high or too low for a keyboard and mouse. An adjustable pull out tray that attaches to the desk will allow you to sit with a posture comfortable for both your back and wrists.

Ideally, you want your arms to rest easily with a 90 degree bend at the elbow when typing or scrolling. A desk that’s too high or too far way can cause you to reach for the mouse and keyboard. Over time, this can cause neck and shoulder pain.

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