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When it comes to business success and the modern office, you need to be one thing – productive. Of course, that sounds very simple when you put it that way, but becoming and staying productive is actually quite a complicated thing.


Productivity means many different things and there are various sub-sections which fall under the one umbrella. Productivity includes equipment, how well it works, how fast it works, how energy efficient it is, expenses and how much they impact on profits, customers and how many you have, their individual value and how many purchases they make, and it also includes employees and their morale.


You might wonder why the happiness of your employees is a big deal; surely as long as the work is being done, it doesn’t matter whether they’re smiling at their bespoke office desk and loving their job, or not? Well, actually that’s a dinosaur attitude. If you are a business that doesn’t place the utmost importance on employee morale, then you’re simply not going to achieve productivity. It’s that simple.


Let’s break it down into the most simplistic form. Employees do the work, whether they make the machines do it or they do it themselves, they are the ones controlling the process. If an employee is happy and motivated, they work will harder without being asked to, they will come up with ideas around the conference table on a constant basis, and they will care about the job they’re doing. When you care about something, you perform better, because it means something to you.


Now, on the flip-side, if your employees aren’t happy, they’re going to do the very bare minimum and nothing more. They will come to work, get through the day, watch the clock, and go home. That’s it. They won’t go above and beyond, they won’t care about coming up with ideas, because they won’t see the point in it if you don’t listen, and as a result, more mistakes are likely.


Is that a productive picture? The first one yes, the second one most definitely not.

Business means money at the end of the day.


So, we’ve realised that morale is vital, but how can you increase that? There are countless things you can focus on, but one of the most basic, and one which many businesses overlook, is the office furniture you place in your workspaces. This includes your main office, your canteens, your break spaces, your reception areas, your conference rooms, and any other rooms you have within your building that are under your control. Every single one of these rooms needs to be optimised in terms of comfort, support, and efficiency. The style of the room also needs to be pleasing to the eye; us humans are visual creatures and we work better when we’re proud of a space, e.g. we like the look of it. 

It’s not hard to figure out – a dark and old office isn’t going to be as fun to work in as a dynamic, modern, and bright coloured office, right? These are basic things which are so often overlooked in favour of big marketing campaigns and software changes.

Perhaps it’s time to go back to basics and actually address the issues at hand, buy stylish office furniture and ensure that everyone has what they need to be able to do the job they’re being paid to do.

In this guide we’re going to concentrate on the link between business success and office furniture. Sometimes it’s the basics which yield the biggest rewards! 

If you’re considering an office revamp in the near future, you’ll find a lot of useful information here. 


There is a reason we spend so long decorating our homes and making them look just right; we spend a lot of time there and we want to be relaxed and happy. We want our homes to be stylish and comfortable, because that makes us feel good. The office environment is no different.

There are two sides to the coin here. You can choose substandard furniture and save money, perhaps even go for second hand office furniture which has seen better days, and sure, you’ll have extra cash in your business account. You can look at your walls and think the paintwork is fine, and will last another year or so, and you can make do. That’s fine, it will continue being functional. However, will it be productive? The answer is no, it probably won’t.

We’ve already mentioned that employees want to work somewhere dynamic and modern, perhaps with cool office seating and a decor which connects to the link between colour and mood. If you can tap into these elements you can increase productivity. Would you rather work in a boring, dull office, or a shiny, modern one? Be honest! Employees are far more likely to be motivated to get out of bed in the mornings and go to a beautifully designed and comfortable office than an old, uncomfortable one. Remember, we’re humans after all.



An office desk is not just something to lean on, it is a functional piece of equipment which has the power to make someone productive, or hinder them the point of a total lack of efficiency. When you’re considering the role of office desks, you need to think about size, material, type, and placement.


Most businesses purchase an all singing, all dancing CEO office desk, but they go for general or basic types for their office staff. Thats the wrong way to look at it! Your employees are the most valuable asset your business has, so why do they need to make do with a substandard option? Why not purchase chic office desks which give them the space they need, whilst also creating a stylish look to your entire space? By doing that, you’re showing your staff that you care about them enough to take this step, and that instantly increases morale. You know where morale leads by now, surely.


Placement is Vital Too

It’s also important to look at where you place desks. Ensuring that nobody is having to deal with glare from windows or overhead lights is important, but also making sure that collaborative areas aren’t placed right next to someone who needs to concentrate too.


A little clever thinking will ensure that everyone is able to complete their individual tasks without being hindered in one way or another. This is a situation in which a space divider or acoustic panels could also come in handy, or possibly making use of acoustic panels to cut out background noise whilst someone is concentrating on close work. That also means that people who are brainstorming don’t feel bad about speaking aloud. Again, productivity!


Sit & Stand?

Another area to think about when it comes to desks is a somewhat new feature, but one which has been found to be extremely beneficial. We are talking about standing desks. A study – by the University of Leicester, published in the British Medical Journal – found that using a sit and stand way of working, e.g. sitting for a period and then standing, by using a height adjustable desk, actually increased productivity and employee engagement. 


This is down to the fact that standing is a form of exercise, and the change between sitting and standing is enough to give a boost of oxygen and blood flow to the brain. This increases focus and concentration, therefore reducing mistakes and increasing attention to detail.


Whilst it might take a little while for your existing staff to get used to the idea of standing for a certain amount of their day, once they try it they will probably see the benefits, and feel better for the boost of exercise too. A sedentary lifestyle is no good for general health and well being, and this sit and stand way of working is considered to be a great antidote to that.


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