Merry Christmas to You

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2020 Christmas Day is coming soon. We here wish all you have a good holiday in the end of this year. No matter you are baking cookies or decorating the Christmas tree, I wonder an interesting movie is also a best choice for your family.


We have picked out 4 of the best movies to get your wonderful holiday going. Enjoy it!

 -Elf with Will Ferrell

Elf with Will Ferrell

Santa Claus went to orphanage to give gifts to the children, the little naughty "Buddy" was carried back to the North Poleby Santa Claus by accident. Buddy grew up in the North Pole thinking he was just like all of the other elves, but when he discovers that his birth father lives in New York City he leaves the North Pole to find him.

 -Home Alone I

Home Alone I

The annual Christmas is here again. The whole family was busy going out to celebrate the Christmas holidays. Unexpectedly, they made mistakes and left the youngest member of the family-Kevin, who is 8 years old, at home. Mom and Dad were anxious, but at this time they were already out of town, and they were helpless for a while. It's rare to be alone at home, Kevin arranged his home as a "playground". The two thieves who had just been released from prison set their sights on Kevin's house. When they sneaked into Kevin's house, Kevin played a "game" with two stupid thieves by virtue of his eye-catching and the "playground mechanism" at home. Can Kevin finally win this "game"?


 -Christmas Carol (2009) with Jim Carrey.webp

Christmas Carol (2009) with Jim Carrey

Ebenezer Scrooge, a mean-tempered and cold-hearted miser, faces the warm Christmas, he still hates all celebrations around him. Christmas is approaching, and he tries his best to exploit his loyal and reliable employee Bob Cletcher and his hearty and optimistic nephew Fred. From the very beginning, Ebenezer had no intention of enjoying his vacation, but wanted to stay at home alone as usual. What Ebenezer could not imagine was that he dreamed of the ghost of  his recently-departed partner, Joseph Marley. He hopes to take the opportunity to help Ebenezer and avoid him to embark on his own old path in the future and regret it. Joseph told  Ebenezer that there will be three ghosts visiting him after him... Soon, these three called the "spirit of the past", "spirit of the present" and "spirit of the future" of Christmas founded him, awakening the other side of his humanity...

 -Miracle on 34th Street.webp

Miracle on 34th Street

Susan's mother Darius is always busy and has no time to accompany her. Even on Thanksgiving Day, she is still organizing a joyous parade. But an accident happened. The old man who played Santa Claus in the parade was drunk before the parade. So Darius lookedfor a kind-looking old man to replace him temporarily, but to her surprise, after the parade this old man insisted that he was Santa Claus. Darius and her daughter thought the old man had some mental problems, but in an accident, Susan discovered that the old man was really different...

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