How to Select Appropriate Chair for Students?

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How to Select Appropriate Chair for Students?

Children are more likely to pay attention and are more open to learning if they are comfortable during class. You can positively influence the overall learning environment in your classroom by choosing chairs and tables that are the right size for the children in your care.We created some simple guidelines for you to remember as you choose chairs and tables for your classroom.

1.The right size:

Classroom seating should support healthy posture from a young age, especially since young bodies are developing rapidly. It should also decrease fidgeting. Ideally, students should be able to sit with their feet firmly planted on the floor and their backs against their chairs.

This chart suggests desk and chair heights by age. Note the combination of sizes for some grade levels.

 school student chair

2. Seating that Moves

The most notable advancement in classroom seating is seating that moves. Designers and engineers now understand how various degrees of movement, rather than rigidity, of the chair itself can promote learning.

3. Function

While ergonomics is essential, classroom seating must fit functionality. In other words, it has to complement the curriculum. Because 21st Century learning often takes place in groups numbering from two to six students, classroom furniture must be nimble enough to be configurable into groups.

Pryor says educators and designers have a keen understanding that classrooms have become active learning environments. This requires portable (in weight and design) chairs that students of all ages can quickly and easily move, arrange, stack and store.

We’re breaking away from the ‘sit still and listen’ teaching style to one where students and teachers engage in the space. Seating has to adapt to what’s going on in the classroom in order to gain a measurable increase in student performance.”

And adapt it has. Today, the smartest chairs are ergonomically designed to adjust in size, provide the right fit, move with a student, and enhance curriculum. They truly redefine the meaning of “bottoms up”.

adjustable kid chair

Do you know how to select appropriate chairs for students after reading this article

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