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Product Name: Platner Chair
Designer: Warren Platner
Manufacturer: Knoll
Product Description: Introduced in 1966, the Platner series was designed by Warren Platner, who transformed wire sculpture into a collection of collection-grade furniture that created design icons and decorations that are considered to be the modern era. The structural frame of the Platner Chair is available in nickel-plated clear lacquer and bronze lacquer. The main body is made of vertical metal wire. The body of the chair consists of a one-piece molded fiberglass case and cushion. The cushion is in the form of a Velcro, attached to the seat. At the 50th anniversary of Platner furniture, Knoll launched the 18K gold series.

Platner Chair

Product Name:Tulip Chair
Designer: Eero Saarinen
Manufacturer: Knoll
Product Description: Tulip Chair is one of the most classic works of American designer Eero Saarinen. Designed in 1956, it is supported by a large and flat circular base. It is line-oriented from bottom to top, and the whole body is very elegant and comfortable. These forms are obtained with careful consideration of production techniques and human posture, and are not pretending to be bizarre. Their free form is the product of their functional requirements and is associated with a new material and new technology. Eero Saarinen tried to make the chair legs more compact through the design of this chair, and got rid of the structure of the four supporting feet of the traditional chair, so that people can have more space for the legs when using this chair. At the same time Eero Saarinen also noticed the beauty, the Tulip Chair shaped like a romantic tulip, also seems to be an elegant wine glass. The Museum Of Modern Art (MOMA) collected this work in 1969 and awarded it the design award of the year.

Tulip Chair

Product Name: Bertoia Diamond Chair
Designer: Harry Bertoia
Manufacturer: Knoll
Product introduction: In 1952, Harry Bertoia designed the world-famous Bertoia Diamond Chair for Knoll. This is a beautiful example of furniture. It is powerful and beautiful, and is an important crystallization of the practical art of metal bending. Many designers in modern interior design actually use it as a modern sculpture. It is rare to have such a strong sculpture. The chair that is welded purely with metal is a metal mesh. Metal feet. Its shape resembles a diamond sparkle, hence the name Diamond Chair. The Bertoia Diamond Chair is a combination of space, form and function that transforms industrial materials into elegant sculptures that make a piece of furniture last forever. It is because of this chair Harry Bertoia wrote a footnote in the history of modern design, introducing industrial metal wire into the world of furniture design.

 Bertoia Diamond Chair

Product Name: Felt Chair

Designer: Marc Newson

Manufacturer: Cappellini

Product introduction: Designed by Australian designer Marc Newson in 1989, the Felt Chair has a fiberglass body that looks like a curved sleeve with aluminum feet and is available in very bright colors, yellow, orange, red and so on. The advanced Felt Chair is made by top furniture brand Cappellini. The Felt Chair, which appears in many film and television works, is a fashion prop. It has the impact of pop art. Its functionality is compressed and the symbol is wirelessly expanded.

Felt Chair

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