Choosing the Perfect Office Seating For Your Office

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Do you feel that your body is tired and aches at the close of work, or when you leave your office? For starters, having a comfortable chair at your office which has ergonomic features can ultimately improve the way you feel at the end of the day. A Kabel office chair is one of the best options on the market due to the great ergonomic features that it has to offer.

There are several pledge chairs to choose from on the market, so picking the right one for you and your office desk might become a bit of a hassle. To pick the perfect chair for your office desk, you will need to ponder on a few considerations. This is because different chairs come with different features, materials and of course, price too.

Now let us take a step further as we walk you through the things you need to consider when choosing the right Kabel seating for your office.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Kabel Seating

Seat Height Adjustment

Adjustability is one of the core features that makes an office chair efficient. Depending on your office desk, the optimal height for a desk chair varies. On this note, it is very important that your pledge chair offers an adjustable height. Usually, a 16 to 21 inches seat height is ideal for most people. Now, it is one thing for your chair to have adjustability features but the efficiency will be in the ease of adjustment.

Your ideal chair should be easy to adjust. For an upright seating position, you will need to adjust the height of the seat such that when your feet are on the floor, your legs will bend to 90 degrees angle. Also, your arms should be even with the height of the desk and should be bent to 90 degrees when flat on the desk.

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Seat Depth Adjustment

To keep your knees and joints in check, you will need a seat with the right depth for your body. One good way to ensure this is to buy an office seat with an adjustable seat depth. When you sit with your back against the backrest, your ideal seat depth should leave between 2 to 4 inches between the back of your knee and the edge of the seat. Although seat depth is not as common as height adjustment, it is fast becoming a standard feature for seating.

Backrest height Adjustment

This feature is very important, especially if you will be spending long hours sitting in the office. You should also ensure that your backrest has a little room for slouching back in your chair. A seat with an adjustable backrest is also ideal for tall people because it allows them to easily adjust the height of their backrest.

360 Degree Swivel

The 360-degree swivel is yet another great feature to look out for when purchasing a Kabel office chair. When working in the office, you may need to reach across the desk for one thing or another. Without this feature, you may end up twisting your back, which may lead to long-term damage. On this note, your ideal office chair will be more efficient if it has a 360-degree swivel.


Adjustable Lumbar Support

When you sit for long hours in the office without the proper support for your curvy lower back, it will strain your spine and cause you to slouch more often. On this note, it is important that you find a chair with lumbar support.

Also, you should ensure that the lumbar support is height and depth adjustable. This could be one of the most important features to look out for if you suffer from back pain or aches in your lower body.

Width Adjustable Arms

Another important feature to look out for is your armrest. Width adjustable armrests will allow you to adapt the chair to your exact needs in terms of body size and shape. Adjustable armrests will also provide proper arm height, and will allow you to get closer to work.


Seat Material

The next thing to look at is the material of the seat. You should note that comfort is crucial when choosing the right seat material. Looks aren’t everything, as a matter of fact; they are not always what they seem. Ensure that you choose a quality material that is comfortable. A good way to go about this is to try the seat before you buy.


Do you need to consider how easy is it to move the seat? Or does the chair arms hinder the way you work? For mobility purposes, you will have to choose between wheels and stationary pledge seats. Your office floor also affects the mobility of the seat. Hard floors are usually perfect but if your floor is carpeted, you can use a plastic mat to improve your mobility.


Finally, the price of the pledge seating you choose matters. On this note, depending on your budget, you should find a balance between quality and price, and do not leave out your needs in the decision. Usually, pledge seats are expensive but it a good investment for your office. If you cannot stomach the high price tags of quality chairs, you can decide to buy used ones. Just make sure you check out the used chair thoroughly and examine all the parts to ensure that they function properly.

Choose The Perfect Kabel Seating For Your Office

In summary, the best Kabel office chair for your office should have several adjustable features, an appropriate weight capacity and seat size, comfortable and durable upholstery, and a solid warranty. Choosing the perfect Kabel chair will require more than just a few minutes in a showroom. Ensure that you check the retailer’s return policy so that you can test the chair for a few weeks and return it if it is not the right pick for your office.

Finally, you will need to consider factors like how often you will use the chair, or your preferred seating position if you have existing aches in your lower back and your office floor surface. For instance, a Kabel seat with many ergonomic adjustments will be ideal if you spend long hours in your office without a break. Also, if you tend to lean forward, you should go with a chair that allows a more forward tilt. On the other hand, if you love to recline while working, check the chair’s tilt limit and make sure it is ideal for you.

In the same vein, your preferred sitting position, existing or non-existent lower back pain and your office floor should be carefully considered when you choose the ideal Kabel seating for your office. 

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