Centennial classic:Chair

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Centennial classic:Chair


The chair is one of the closest products to people. Everyone needs a chair. It is very simple in terms of function, that is, it is satisfied with "sitting", and how to satisfy the "sitting posture" under different conditions, however it is necessary to consider various factors. Consider the designer's thinking and heritage, such as size, scale, line, shape, structure, material, craft, ergonomics, humanities and sociology, etc. The chair can be described as providing a platform for placing the body with only one constraint. There is an infinite possibility in the construction of the support surface. To some extent, the chair is a miniature building. Designing a skyscraper is not difficult. Designing a good chair may be more difficult and can be demonstrated in an ordinary design. The extraordinary design is the master's work, and the exploration and creation of infinite possibilities in limited conditions is the master's love, the chair is not the result, the spirit of continuous exploration is.

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