9 Tips for Keeping Your Home Office Clean

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9 Tips for Keeping Your Home Office Clean

1. Regularly deep clean your desk

Your desk isn’t just where you keep your computer, keyboard, and mouse, it’s also a place where many of us choose to eat and drink while we work. This not only leads to stains and crumbs, but it also makes keeping your desk clean more important for hygiene reasons. A regular deep clean keeps your workspace free from potentially harmful bacteria and leaves it looking fresh and tidy. The best way to clean your desk is to clear it, and then wipe all surfaces with a dampened cloth and anti-bacterial spray. If your desk is hardwood, using bicarbonate soda and a damp cloth helps remove marks and stains. 


2. Regularly clean your office chair

The same applies to your office chair. It needs a regular clean to avoid any build-up of food, hair, dust or general muck. Keeping your home office chair clean may prove a bit more challenging than your desk, due to its irregular shape and small cavities. You should start by using a small or hand-held vacuum cleaner, then follow this up with a damp cloth or sponge. A clean every two weeks will not only clear away bacteria and keep your home office looking smart, but it will also increase your chair’s lifespan and save you money in the long 



3. Regularly clean your keyboard 

You only need to look down at your keyboard to realize it’s something that needs cleaning regularly. It’s something you use all day, every day, and it has more cavities where the likes of dust, hair and last week’s lunch than anything else in your home office can become trapped. Start by disconnecting your keyboard and holding it upside down to shake away the loose dirt, follow this up with the duster attachment on your vacuum to clear out the rest. Then grab a cotton bud or twist a piece of kitchen roll, dip lightly into isopropyl alcohol or anti-bacterial spray, and use it to wipe around each of the keys. You can then use a damp cloth to wipe around the rest of the keyboard, remember to be careful not to get it too wet while you do this. 


4. Keep your phone clean 

Your phone is another electronic device that needs looking after. Due to regular use, it picks up all kinds of dirt, meaning it often requires a good clean. Turn it off and use a dry microfibre cloth to give your phone a good wipe down. Phone manufacturers don’t recommend using cleaning products on their phones, so if you do decide to, do so at your own risk and with the utmost care. Just like when you clean any gadget in your home office, make sure it is fully dry before turning it 


5. Keep your home office paperless

Keeping your home office free of paper is an easy way to keep it tidy. There aren’t many things less motivating than seeing a desk piled with papers and notes, and scrapping using paper wherever possible is a simple solution. If you have access to a computer, save everything digitally, and if you are required to use paper, have an organised system in place to save you getting piled under a mountain of work.


6. Keep your home office free of clutter 

Similar to a paperless home office, another trick for keeping it clean is avoiding any clutter altogether. The best way to do this is to stay organized and put some time aside each day to sort through your work and store away anything you don’t need. Plan your week, make a list of priorities, and write down where everything you’re going to need is kept. This way, your desk won’t be overcluttered and you’ll never waste time searching for something you’ve tidied away and forgotten its whereabouts.  


7. Make sure you have enough storage space

In order to be able to keep your office free of clutter, you have to make sure you have enough storage space. If you don’t have somewhere to put everything, there’s no way you can stay organized. If you want to keep your home office clean, you should consider desk drawer or a filing cabinet to help you keep your work items separated and within reach. 


8. Try to avoid eating and drinking at your desk 

If you want to know how to keep your home office clean but you’re someone who wants to avoid cleaning at all costs, an easy answer is to stop eating and drinking at your desk. Food, in particular, can get in your keyboard and contributes to household germs and leaves a smell, take a break from your desk and eat your lunch somewhere else to help keep your workspace tidy.  


9. Use a whiteboard for notes and reminders 

Many of us rely on reminders to help us manage a busy schedule at work, and simply going paperless or storing everything away may impact this. An easy solution is using a whiteboard and marker pen for reminders and notes. Have a place where you can keep this visible during your week, and at the end of the week simply wipe it down and plan for the next one. This keeps your home office clean, clears your desk of clutter and reduces paper waste.  

Following these tips and instructions will help you keep your home office clean and organized. Not only does it decrease the chances of you getting sick, but a tidy workspace will help with your productivity and motivation throughout the working week. If you’re looking for extra storage or any other furniture for your home office, visit our website.  

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