6 Ways to Set Up a New Ergonomic Workstation

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6 Ways to Set Up a New Ergonomic Workstation

Many of us spend hours at our workstations every day. Bad habits and incorrect posture can lead to neck and back pain or sore wrists and fingers. Proper ergonomics can help you stay comfortable at work.Ergonomics is a scientific discipline, which is concerned with improving the productivity, health, safety, and comfort of people. It’s basically fitting the job to the person rather than fitting the person to the job. For example, some people would be more comfortable with slight adjustments, such as tilting the keyboard a bit or adjusting the chair or monitor. The problem is that many workers dont understand workstation ergonomics, and so they do not realize the hazards associated with sitting at a desk for hours every day.

 It is important that you adjust your workstation furniture and equipment to suit your individual needs. Here are some tips on how to set up your workstation.

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Desk Height

Set the height of your desk so you are able to type on a keyboard with your arms rested comfortably at your sides (let your shoulders hang naturally), and with your hands at or just below your elbow. An easy way to determine the proper height for your desk is by using the standing desk height calculator.



Your chair is your best ergonomic friend. It supports your back, your bottom, and your posture. There are many chairs to choose from, but only a few important things to look out for.


  • Shape:Think back to your natural posture. With your tailbone sticking out just a bit, and your vertebrae in their slight curve, the lumbar portion of your spine points in toward your belly. To help you sustain this posture, find a chair that offers good lumbar support.


  • Length:When you sit down, there should be a little space between the edge of the chair and the back of your knees, about the size of your fist. Depending on the chair, you might be able to adjust the seat depth accordingly.


  • Height: When you sit, your feet should be on the floor (not dangling) in front of you, and your thighs should be slightly below your hips. Shorter folks might need to use a footrest, while extra-tall types might need to adjust the height of the desk.


If you ever find yourself tucking your feet behind you, sitting on one leg, or in another funky position, you chair needs to be adjusted.

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When your desk height is determined, you can properly set up your keyboard. Place your keyboard and mouse close to one another and at the same level. You should easily be able to reach the home keys with your elbows at 90 degrees. When you type, your wrists should be straight; you can accomplish this by adjusting the angle of your keyboard tray. Shop all keyboard trays.



Next, raise your monitor to be at eye level so you are not tilting your neck up or down while you work. You want a slight tilt to your monitor, about 10 to 20 degrees. Be sure you are a safe distance from your screen; you want to be no less than the distance from your middle finger to your elbow away from your monitor. Shop all lcd monitor arms.




      Avoid a single light source because it can tire your eyes. Also try to avoid any lights that produce a glare on your screen.


Get up and move

After all is said and done, there's one final piece that you can't simply set-and-forget: physical activity. Take a break at least once an hour to walk around the office or stretch. If it helps, set an hourly alarm as a reminder.


No matter how ergonomic your workstation is, stretching your body is the only thing that can combat the health issues that arise from prolonged sitting.

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