Wonderful designed Classical Chair

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Wonderful designed Classical Chair

Product NameLess than five chair

DesigenrMichael Young& Steelcase


The birth of Less than five chair stems from a design concept: the use of carbon fiber’s toughness and lightness to create an elegant design and affordable design. The final finished Less Than Five Chair does not live up to expectations and is the market's premier multi-purpose seat. Each chair weighs less than five pounds. Workers can easily lift the chair and move it to the right place for dedicated work. Freedom is greatly improved. Another feature of carbon fiber is that customers can freely design the appearance of the Less Than Five Chair, a technology that pioneered the industry.

less than five chair

Product Name:Buoy Stool



Buoy Stool is designed for today's people who love activities or shake.People have been active, except standing, leaning, and walking around. Most of the time we are sitting, sitting in a large part of our day. But even if we are sitting, we are more active than we think. After investigating multiple small businesses, we noticed that people are always active, even when sitting. Buoy Stool promotes and supports this sitting activity, which is comfortable and interesting, regardless of the user's size or posture.

buoy stool

Product Name:Brody Chair



Designed based on brain and body mechanisms, Brody chair creates a cocoon-like space that eliminates all visual disturbances, provides privacy for employees and students working in an open environment or library, and enhances their psychological A sense of security, and through the integration of power, ergonomics, lighting conditions, personal items storage space, provides a comfortable micro environment.

Brody Chair

Product Name:i2i Chair

Designer:IDEO & Steelcase


The i2i Chair is designed to promote collaboration and focus on thinking without sacrificing comfort. Teamwork sometimes doesn't have to be done in a conference room. You and your colleagues may only need a few chairs to form a circle, which creates a collaborative environment. But those large-sized stuffed sofas can't be separated at will, unless you need to find a place to squat. In fact, we need a seat that can move freely and breathe. The i2i chair allows your body to rotate toward other colleagues, keeping the working state in place, but without losing the center of gravity or sacrificing comfort.


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