What Are the Advantages of Mesh Office Chair?

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What Are the Advantages of Mesh Office Chair?

When it comes to thinking about furnishing a new office with high quality office furniture, you have a range of different decisions to make. Of course, office seating is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to think about, because the comfort of your employees should always come first.

 The new kids on the furnishing block are mesh office chairs. Haven’t heard of them? It’s time to sit up and take notice, because these chairs are taking over the office furniture world, and they have a huge number of benefits which work alongside them too.

 advantages of mesh office chair

Breathability and Ventilation


Because mesh is open for the most part, mesh office chairs allow a greater amount of air to circulate whilst you’re sitting on them. This means you’ll be cooler overall whilst you’re working, and you will not get that annoying sweaty patch on the back of your legs or your lower back, particularly on hot days. This is a big problem with leather chairs; you’ve no doubt stuck to the material and squeaked your way off your chair at some point, but you will not have that issue with mesh!


Minimal Maintenance

Not only does a cooler back keep an employee drier and more comfortable, but the lack of sweat also results in less maintenance for the chair. Sweat can soak into upholstery, staining it and embedding an unpleasant odor over time. This is not an issue with mesh chairs. Since the backs of employees stay dry, there is little need to clean mesh chairs to keep them looking and smelling good. Many employees prefer as clean of an environment as possible, so the cleanliness of mesh chairs is a big appeal.


Good Value For Money

Youll find that a chair made of mesh will be cheaper than an office chair made of leather. Despite the lower price, they still very much look the part and could easily fit in with your idea of luxurious office furniture for your next office refurb.

breathability and ventilation 


The style of mesh chairs is also appealing to employees. Mesh chairs have a modern look, thanks to their slim profiles. They are minimalist in appearance and furnishing an office with them helps to create a feeling that the office is on the cutting edge. The decor of an office matters to many employees, so outfitting the office with mesh chairs is a good way to create the kind of modern-feeling environment that many employees appreciate.



It may be difficult to believe, but the thin fabric seat backs on mesh chairs are quite durable. The fabric is woven tightly and is strong as a result, taking many years to wear down. By contrast, fully upholstered chairs can receive tears in their upholstery and the padding can flatten, making these chairs both worn-looking and uncomfortable. Many mesh chairs also use rigid plastic or metal frames to hold the mesh weave and these components enhance the durability of these chairs. Employees enjoy feeling like they are using new furniture and the extended durability of mesh chairs lends this feeling to employees over a long period of time.

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