The Importance of work Environment

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Regardless of the type of company, with the flexibility and diversity of workflows, methods, content, and tasks, employees maintain diverse work activities throughout the day. In the face of this change and diversity of work activities, more often than not, the physical office environment is not ready, or the overall space has not been effectively planned. Due to the existing office space configuration, people have to adapt to the lack of environment. The office environment not only failed to effectively support employee office activities and office activities, but because of the limitations of the office environment, it affected the overall office efficiency, and even had a negative impact on work behavior and employees.

Different types of work require different office environments. In the survey, the research team found that almost all types of daily work activities of the company are centered on five types of work: focus, collaboration, socialization, learning, and relaxation. Based on this classification, the research team has in-depth understanding and discussion of different models.pexels-photo-1661004

Focus: The focused office model is still the core of personal efficiency. It usually refers to the user's hidden space with certain privacy, and the independent work needs to be done without interruption. Everyone needs to calm down and think independently and perform the work at hand. Focusing on work is no longer sitting alone on the workstation. For some companies with forward-thinking, they will design independent work warehouses and provide employees with Choosing to get here is a better job of getting the job done.

Collaboration: Usually refers to two or more people working together for a common goal, allowing team members who are in the same office or using technology to work in different locations to share ideas and create together. As with focus, the purpose of collaboration is not simple interaction, but the realization of consensus and the purpose of collaboration through collaborative means, which is one of the original intentions of open office space. Today's corporate performance is no longer a person can create, more is the entire team to communicate and work together to complete. The development of the organization requires collaboration to be more flexible and effective. We need to clearly understand that different collaboration purposes have different needs for collaborative sites; Numerous studies have proven that informal communication facilitates the exchange of knowledge and information, building trust and consensus.


Social: It usually refers to a comfortable space for physical and mental recovery, social interaction, informal collaboration, encourages interaction between people, connects feelings, and promotes trust between people. Whether it is an introverted or extroverted worker, everyone has a social need, and behind the social needs is the desire to establish a sense of belonging with the organization and the team.

Relaxation: Usually refers to a short escape from work, to relax the mind and body, restore mental strength, and to invest in the next stage of the character in a better state. Good companies tend to pay more attention to the physical and mental health needs of their employees. By adding some relaxation equipment and space, employees can really feel the care and care of the company. At the same time, it can also alleviate the negative emotions caused by work stress.


“People who feel happy are more innovative, and when a group of happy people are together, they are more willing to maintain a spirit of collaboration.” Today’s office environment is developing, under the influence of global leaders, changing the atmosphere of the past. layout. We spend more than 8 hours a day in the office, why our office environment can't be like home, making our lives and work more meaningful. The pleasant office atmosphere is the basic needs of people, and it is also the means for enterprises to establish a sense of belonging office space. Even before the transformation of the office environment, letting employees participate in the environmental planning process can also bring a sense of belonging and pleasure to the future use of employees.

The purpose of the 5P office concept is to provide customers with a simple, clear, efficient and fast office environment solution, while also overturning our narrow understanding of public space in some office planning. Combining the evaluation of employees' and space requirements, analyzing and synthesizing the office activity patterns in different scenarios, and finally transforming the requirements into solutions.

Every inch of the office environment of the enterprise can exert its effectiveness and value. However, at the same time, we must also remember that the planning of the office environment is an ongoing process. He does not end the design. Instead, he uses feedback to constantly adjust the appropriate state that best suits the needs of the company and employees.

This is also the scenario creation. One of the important principles.



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