The Importance of Application of Ergonomics

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The Importance of Application of Ergonomics

pexels-photo-572056When managing space, the principle to be followed is that the core of the office building is human, and all forms and functions are built around people. It is more effective for modern enterprises to improve employee satisfaction and improve employee engagement in measures to improve the efficiency of business operations. Usually companies manage this aspect through the HR department. We usually have in-depth communication with the owner's HR department and provide some advice:
  lighting, the work task now very much is done on a computer with a backlit screen. The relatively strong lighting may cause excessive supply, which is also a kind of damage to the human body. Excessive lighting is not expensive, and it also consumes a lot of energy, which is also a kind of damage to the human body. Excessive lighting is not only expensive, but it also consumes a lot of energy and can even cause headaches, fatigue, stress and anxiety.
  We should reduce the human body's light level from 750-1000 lux to 300-500 lux. In order to maintain the desired level of illumination, it is recommended to use a lighting system with a linked daylight sensor. The sensor adjusts the output of the artificial lighting system according to the natural lighting level received by the space. If it does not enter, it can avoid excessive lighting and reduce energy consumption.
  Lighting and vision, people naturally like windows and natural light, although we can not explain why, but it does affect our mood and energy levels.

Physiologically, sunlight enhances serotonin, and natural daylighting and vision help restore emotional and mental energy. Throughout historical events, much of the survival depends on the time and place; and a large number of modern studies have shown that sunlight and sleep, attention, memory, productivity and overall health improvement are related.


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