Social Distancing Furniture Options for the Post-Covid World

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For employers and employees who wonder if there can, or will be, social distancing furniture options for the post-Covid world, the answer is a resounding, “yes.” Manufacturers and office furniture resource companies have been preparing to return to the workplace since the pandemic emerged.

Focused on health and practicality, the office furniture industry has designed exceptional and creative solutions. Safety and excitement will be driving forces to entice us back into the everyday world. As will our desire to reconnect with our fellows and get back to business as usual.

Social Distancing Furniture Options for Workplaces

Flexible Workstations

Modern office cubicles solve many workplace concerns, including social distancing and the need for flexibility. With “privacy designs,” there is sufficient shielding if someone were to cough or sneeze at their desk. The workstation components, made of cleanable materials such as laminate, acrylic, and marker board, are easy to sanitize during and after the workday. As a result, modular workstations are ideal for hotdesking.


Additionally, these cubicles are highly customizable. From numerous finishing choices to color selections, modern workstations can match your company’s brand aesthetic.

Nimble Training Room Tables

When employees come back to work, there will be plenty to catch up on for everyone. There’s no need to do everything by email. Get people back together safely and thoughtfully with smart social distancing furniture options like training room tables that are moveable and offer a wide range of sizes and mounting styles. Installing protective, polycarbonate divider panels allows you to create the separation needed on existing or exciting new office furniture.


Acoustic Modern Furniture

The flexibility we’re used to now that we’ve worked from home has spoiled many of us. Whether we enjoy the peace and quiet, listening to our earbuds, or a mix of both, the key to social furniture distancing options is all about meeting the needs of employees. With aoustic furniture, it’s remarkably achievable.

Dampen sound and offer a third-space for staff to settle into when they need to dive into deep work. Alternatively, it’s the perfect way to offer a place to get away from the laptop and take a needed mental break. For offices that plan to convert to a hotdesking model, acoustic couches, pods, telephone booths, and lounge chairs, for instance, provide additional ways to meet the needs of the modern office nomad.


Social Distancing Screens

Screens provide both privacy and safety against seasonal allergies and viruses that are a part of everyday life. Best of all, they are easy to clean, heigh-adjustable, and customizable. On a budget, you can order these in beautiful colors to brighten up any workspace.


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