How to Design Office Room which Increases Productivity

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How to Design Office Room which Increases Productivity

Offices are one of the most important parts of the company culture, hence the office interiors should not just be modern or good-looking but also be inspiring. Here are some tips that could offer you some good ideas at this aspect.

1. Wall calendar

When your office space isn’t very big, you need to think carefully about how you use the space you have. Buy or make a wall calendar with an acrylic square and you’ll have something that is beautiful and practical.

2. Moodboard

You’ve heard of the moodboard. If your office is a little on the casual side, go ahead and create a moodboard on one of your office walls. Photos, quotes, magazine clippings, framed or not, it’s all fodder for an inspiring wall to look at every day.

3. Special sparkle om your wall

When your office is mostly gray or brown, it will be extremely beneficial to your walls to add some sparkle. Look for a wall sculpture that suits your fancy and make sure it’s in a shade of gold, silver or copper. It will really set the tone for your office.

4. Monogram

There’s nothing so official as your own monogram. Whether you make it yourself or buy your letters, hanging your initials in your office will make you feel like the boss of the place.

5. Canvas

Inspiration is important to help motivate you through the workweek slump. Hang a canvas in your office with one of your favorite quotes displayed on it. It could be something work related or just helpful to get your mind back on track.

6. Green Plants

Bringing plants to the office is always a nice idea. If you’re pining for some nature in your work life, find a couple prints that display leaves or flowers or anything from the great outdoors for the same effect.

7. Sense of nature

Take your collection of shells, pressed flowers or stones and mount them in a shadow box for your office wall. You will appreciate looking at your favorite nature collection every day.

8. Woven wall hangings

Since you can easily find them in neutral colors like brown, gray and cream, they make a nice soft option for your office wall. Your space will feel more like a living room after hanging one of these.


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