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The chair is a small piece of furniture that is indispensable in our lives. The chair is also used frequently, so it is easy to get dirty. Do you know how to clean the chair if it is dirty? Let's take a look at the introduction below.

First of all, of course, we must understand the material of the chair. Most of the chairs on the market nowadays are mainly fabric chairs, leather chairs and solid wood chairs. However, no matter which kind of chair is used, the material of the chair legs is nothing more than two kinds. It is either wrought iron or wooden. The main point of cleaning is that it is divided into fabric, leather or solid wood. Let's introduce it separately.

Things Youll Need

  • Foam/Sponge

  • Towel/Rag

  • spraying detergent


1、Fabric chair



      The fabric furniture is dusted once, and the dust is cleaned after cleaning.

      The cleaning is generally divided into two types, the first one is dry foam cleaning and the second is wet washing.

Dry foam cleaning has good protection for furniture, no obvious stains, and can be dried naturally in a short period of 1-2 hours after cleaning and disinfection.

Wet-washing fabric furniture is widely used by ordinary consumers, generally takes 4-5 hours. More versatile to dry out to restore the original state, if you encounter a good weather on a sunny day to dry faster, mainly for the chair has not been cleaned for a long time, the stain is more prominent, need to be wet washing.

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2、Wooden chair


         When cleaning solid wood chairs, most people may use the method of washing and then sun exposure. But I wants to tell everyone that this method is absolutely infeasible. Washing wood will absorb a lot of water and make it soft. It will crack after exposure. Therefore, we can only wipe with a drier, wet towel to make it dry naturally.


3、Leather chair


         If it is a leather art chair, try it in the inconspicuous position of the leather art cleaner to see if it fades. If there is fading, dilute with water; when it is dirty, use lukewarm water to let it dry naturally.

Leather sofa chair cleaning agent pH is about 5 to 7, do not spray too much, too wet when spraying detergent, be sure to wipe more with a rag, keep the leather sofa chair not wet, average weekly Wipe the leather sofa chair with a clean towel and wring it out. If there is stain on the leather, wipe it with a clean damp sponge and wipe it off. It will remove the stain well.


4、Iron chair


        We all know that wrought iron furniture is easy to embroider, so try to touch water as little as possible when using it. When cleaning, use a special detergent,spray it, and scrub with a rag. Then dry it .



        The above is the cleaning method recommended by me according to the chair of different materials. I hope that you can use the appropriate cleaning method according to the material of the chair inside your home to carry out regular cleaning.


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