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  Everyone heard more about old-age furniture, aged furniture, medical furniture or Kangyang furniture. Old furniture covers pension, medical care, health care furniture, and even medical furniture. Pension is a group, and old age is a range. Just like office furniture, hotel furniture, school furniture can be collectively referred to as commercial furniture.
  Different office furniture, users of suitable furniture are a special group of people, mainly elderly people of different ages and health conditions. Therefore, before designing and developing suitable furniture, it is necessary to understand the stage changes of the elderly and their real needs.
  As we enter old age, people have great changes in both psychological and physical conditions. Physiologically, with the increase of age, the human body functions gradually decline: the nerve reaction ability, digestive system, respiratory system, exercise system, sensory system, and circulatory system change accordingly. For example, height will decrease, waist circumference will increase, response will be slow, memory will drop, and so on. With the psychological changes. Such as loneliness, anxiety, depression, impatience, and suicide. These changes, as well as the different ages of the elderly or different stages of health, have different designs and considerations in the dimensions, materials, shapes and colours of the furniture. The furniture needed for the elderly is, first of all, able to meet functional needs. Then there will be quality needs, cultural needs, and the need for self-esteem.
  Therefore, suitable furniture is simply for the elderly with different health conditions. From the aspects of material, size, shape and color, it is safe, comfortable, practical, convenient and beautiful. Sexual functional furniture.
  With the increase of age, people's body resistance will gradually decline, and the elder's body resistance is poor. Therefore, it is necessary to choose environmentally friendly materials in furniture. Generally, natural wood, bamboo, rattan and other materials are more environmentally friendly. It is good for the health of the elder. In addition, the furniture made of these materials is relatively light, and it is more convenient for the elder to move the furniture. The hard materials such as metal, stone, glass, etc. have a large safety hazard during use, and it feels cold and lacks the feeling of natural warmth. Therefore, use as little as possible in the old furniture.
 Scale is a category which is a different category for the different stages of the elder. Basically we can be divided into healthy, medium-sized, long-term care. At the same time, it is also a different category of different ways of pension. For example, as the age increases, the height of the human body will gradually become shorter by 2-4 cm. Some female elder can even reach 6 cm, but their waist size will increase. Therefore, when designing counter furniture, the size should be reduced. When designing sitting furniture, the seating space should be appropriately increased.
 Styling design may be the most direct reflection of the elements of the old design, such as the rounded corner design of the furniture, is the most basic requirements for the function of the old. Some furniture shapes can not only express the design aesthetics of the furniture, but also take into account the functional needs of the aging. Other designers start from the nostalgic psychological characteristics of the elder and design the furniture styles that have been used or popular in the elderly. It can play a role in the treatment of the elderly and the slowing down of the symptoms.

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