Design the Office to Feel More Like Home

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When you design the office to feel more like home, you’re really making your workspace feel inviting, and more importantly, comfortable. Some people thrive when they’re able to work from home. However, if it’s not exactly in your company policy to allow work from home, there are ways to design the office to bring the home feeling to work. Many of today’s popular office designs are made to reflect the comforts of home. When employees feel like they enjoy their work environment, they’re generally more productive and happy to be in the office.


Keep Organized


If you keep your home tidy and organized, then your office should be kept that way too. Desk organizers help stash your pens and papers. Keep extra office supplies and other work items stored in drawers or standing shelves. Don’t forget to keep your office space tidy beyond your work items. If you find yourself tossing your coat, bag, or umbrella on the nearest piece of furniture — or the floor — when you get in every day, consider getting a coat rack. Design the office with ample storage functions to keep your workspace stress and mess-free.


Beyond Office Furniture

While a nice computer desk or ergonomic office chairs are excellent pieces of workplace furniture, you can add so much more to invoke the comforts of home. A comfy armchair, throw pillow, and a coffee table are good places to start. Instead of using the overhead fluorescent lights or a desk lamp, set up a freestanding lamp near your desk. A wood constructed bookshelf adds a homey touch to the room. To encourage camaraderie among coworkers, have a communal dining table around the office. It is an excellent place to chat over coffee or act as a shared workspace.


Comfortable Work

Within reason, recreate the pleasant working conditions you would enjoy if you were working from home. Keep your favorite snacks and beverages on hand by stocking a mini-fridge with it in your office. Do you prefer listening to music or some background noise while working? Plug in your headphones and play your favorite tunes. Some people like working from home because they like to kick back on their couch or bed while completing their tasks. To achieve something similar but more office-appropriate, place an ergonomic footrest under your desk to recreate some of that comfort.

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