Classical Designed Chair(四)

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          The China Chair, designed by Han J. Wegner, was inspired by the Chinese Ming-style circle chair at the Danish Craft Museum. It can be seen that it seems to be a simplified version of the Ming-style circle chair. The semi-circular seat back is connected to the handrail, the backboard plate fits the curve of the human back, and the leg portion is pinned by four pins. Someone once asked Han J. Wegner how to establish a Danish design style. He replied that this should be a gradual simplification process. In my case, it is a process of simplification, four legs, one left, the armrest and the backrest. All irrelevant parts of the project are removed as much as possible. There are no perfect chairs in the world, perfection is the purpose of continuous efforts, not the result.

China Chair

         Arne Jacobsen not only designed the building for St. Kasari College in the UK, but also designed the seat for the building. The Oxford Chair is a curved laminate with a full face and backrest, leather or fabric padding, optional armrests, adjustable seat height, five-star metal legs and optional castors. Its high-cushioned chair is reminiscent of the furniture compartments used in the design of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Frank Lloyd Wright chairs.

Oxford Chair

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