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Product Name::Pa Pa Bear Chair

DesignerHans J. Wegner

ProducerPP Mobler

Product induction:Designed by Hans J. Wegner, the PaPa Bear chair is named after a bear that embraces both hands. Its biggest feature is that the bear's paw, the armrest, has a wooden part which is the shining point. The original intention of the PaPa Bear chair is to create a feeling like a big bear hugs you from behind with a bear's paw. The seat is equipped with a foot to put your feet to relieve. The chair is made of 6 materials, supporting the frame of solid wood, cotton fiber, palm fiber, flax fiber, horse hair and other natural materials. The surface and details of the solid wood frame are basically hand-made, and the nails of the decorative surface are also manually nailed by means of a nail gun. The seat cushion can be moved freely, and other parts has a snap-fit design at the seam.

Pa Pa Bear Chair


Product NameHola chair

DesignerJorge Pensi


Product inductionThe Hola chair is a veritable multifunctional seat designed by the Spanish design master Jorge Pensi. The Hola Chair not only has an excellent shape, but also has a full range of functions. Whether used indoors or outdoors, whether for meetings, training, waiting, reception, or for auditoriums, restaurants, Hola chair can be easily adapted and perfectly integrated. Hola chair's body is made of extremely lightweight, but extremely rugged, highly wear-resistant plastic material that not only facilitates stacking and handling, but also makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. In addition, the excellent ergonomic design also gives the Hola chair an excellent sitting experience.

Hola chair


Product NameHusk chair

DesignerPatricia Urquiola

ProducerB&B Italia

The comfort of some furniture is really to be felt, and some furniture does not need to feel. At first glance, you can know that Husk chair is the latter.And it's soft, fluffy and wrap-around. The Husk chair series, in addition to armchairs and outdoor chairs, it also extends the natural softness to the sofa and bed.

 Husk chair

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