5 Benefits of Having a Kid’s Table and Chair Set

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5 Benefits of Having a Kid’s Table and Chair Set

To encourage and support children independence, it’s important that, as parents, we set up a safe environment and provide the necessary tools for the children to succeed.

To put ourselves in children’s shoes,all of a sudden, everything is bigger. To get a book off a shelf, we need a stool to step on, or we may need to climb the bookshelf to get to the book we want. To wash our hands, we need the stool again, and since the hand towel is just out of reach, forget bothering to dry our hands. And to eat? We need to get the food on the huge table and go grab someone bigger to help us into our booster seat. Oh shoot, the table is just a bit too far and we can barely reach our food.

Imagine how difficult life must be for your children as they learn to do things themselves, but without the environment to do so. This is why a child-sized table and chair set is extremely important in our children’s development into independent human beings. Other benefits include:

1. Teaches practical life skill and table manners:

Children can help set the table prior to mealtime and clearing and cleaning the table afterward.           

2. Allows for quiet time:

The table is not used for just meal times. Children can use it for doing arts and crafts, playing with playdough, practicing writing skills, reading, and much more. Instead of running around like cave people and destroying the house, they are able to sit down at the table and do some quiet activities.


3. Promotes good posture and comfort:

Imagine having to sit with your legs dangling all the time while eating. We know that wouldn’t be comfortable! The small chairs allow children to sit with their feet flat on the floor and back against the chair. Moreover, the children can adjust their distance away from the table to ensure that they are not straining their shoulders or backs trying to reach their food.

children chair-1

4. Supports independence:

The children are able to sit on and get off the chairs on their own. Instead of always needing adults to help them get into the high chair or booster for meal time or play time, they are now able to make their own decisions as to when and what to eat or do since they have a place they can sit down and eat their food or do their activities.

5. Encourages healthy sibling interaction:

Having everybody sitting in a chair allows the kids to sit and play together on the same table, but each with a space to call their own. And instead of having the older sibling sitting in a booster seat at the adult table and the younger toddler crying because she can’t see what he is doing from the ground, a small table levels the playing field.


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